Watch: Can The Bulletproof Glass Of This Tesla Model X Survive An AK47?

Most people believe that installing bulletproof glass in their vehicle is unnecessary, and it probably is. For the elites who live among us, however, it is simply par for the course, and a YouTuber decided to put some to the test with the help of a Tesla Model X to show just how resilient strengthened glass can be to gunfire.

A bulletproof windshield from Armormax has been installed on this Model X, and it should be able to withstand fire from a variety of weapons in theory.

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FullMag fired some individual shots from an AK47 (aka Kalashnikov) and filmed the entire thing in slow motion to see what the windshield could take. The bullets simply slide off the windshield and bounce off into the distance, according to the footage. Even though the outer layer of the glass was cracked, no one inside the vehicle was hurt.

The YouTuber then takes things a step further by shooting a 50-caliber round through the window.  While it does more damage than the AK47’s 7.62 rounds, it doesn’t breach the glass’s inner layer, keeping the occupants safe. More than a dozen shots from the AK47 are fired at point-blank range in rapid succession in the final test.

During the stunt, there was one slight glitch. One of the rounds fired by the YouTuber went straight through the hood and into one of the EV’s air conditioning lines. Which may have caused any passengers to sweat a little, but we’re guessing they were too preoccupied with the rounds bouncing off the car’s windows to notice.

Source: FullMag

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