Watch: Creepy video shows Tesla detecting ‘ghosts’ in cemetery

Has Elon figured out how to communicate with the dead?

A video of a Tesla moving slowly through a graveyard has gone viral on Tiktok because it appears that the car’s collision detection algorithm has detected ghosts. Or, at least, that’s what the Internet wants you to believe.

The driver in the video has a camera focused at the interior dash screen, which detects and displays objects that the car may hit with when on autopilot. It usually depicts humans and animals, such as deer or dogs, and is intended to make the driver aware of their surroundings even while they are not in control of the vehicle. At the viral video, which was shot in a cemetery, the system appears to detect multiple human shapes as well as a dog, all of which do not exist in real life.

The footage (which had already received 3.3 million views at the time of writing) was uploaded by a lady called Yailin Murillo, who said it was taken by her uncle. But this isn’t the first time claims have appeared of a Tesla detecting mysterious invisible figures within a graveyard.

As much as we’d want to think Elon and his colleagues at Tesla had worked out how to program a sixth sense into the EVs, the non-existent figures are more likely the result of a flaw in the vehicle’s collision avoidance system.

There are a few possibilities on what the sensor system is actually picking up, including flowers on gravesites that could be mistaken as a young child or an animal.

One YouTube commenter (@stalinfortimeee) claims to have “worked on Tesla’s [sic]” and suggests that because the sensors are “extremely powerful,” the car is actually “detecting a human anatomy from 6ft under.”


So my uncle did this today at the cemetery 🤯🤯🤯 look closely you can see a dog !!!! #fypシ #ghost #tesla #cemetery #scarytiktoks #notfakenews

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