Watch: Insane Tesla Road Rage Attack And No Help From The Police

While we’ve seen plenty of fascinating TeslaCam movies produced by Wham Baam Teslacam, this one definitely stands out. In the video, a Tesla Model 3 owner is subjected to roughly 20 minutes of insane road rage, and he reportedly was unable to get any assistance from the police.

Gunnawuat, the Tesla owner, was driving his Model 3 while picking up food from a fast-food restaurant and listening to loud music. Some pickup truck drivers overheard his music and wanted to join in on the fun. They were yelling and calling him names, he claims, because he drives a Tesla.

At any rate, a few trucks got involved, throwing objects at his car as he tried to leave and then following him out of the parking lot. When he arrived at the next light, they were throwing rocks or other large objects at him. The situation started to deteriorate rapidly.

Unfortunately, he was unable to escape fast, therefore the following went on for quite some time. Even when he attempted to pull the Model 3 off the road and into a parking lot, the pickup truck drivers collaborated to try to catch him. This happened a few times before Gunnawut became concerned and dialed 911.

He claimed that the 911 operator would not send assistance unless the issue was urgent. Gunnawut made it apparent that the situation was serious, but it didn’t appear to make a difference. He claims that the police were simply hesitant to assist him unless he was already injured. After 20 minutes of crazy road rage, the Model 3 owner was finally able to move away from the trucks, and despite the fact that he remained on the phone with the 911 operator the entire time, the cops never arrived.

He drove to the police station and attempted to show them the TeslaCam video, but they apparently refused to watch or assist him. Fortunately, he was able to make a police report and later show the footage to other officers. The officers came to his house and watched the tape, but he says they have yet to contact him about the incident.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam(YouTube)

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1 month ago

What Is the World coming too – sounds like the End Times for Sure!! I wonder if the police / Sheriff’s are so short-handed and All the Experienced Officers have all resigned and there’s only newbie’s/ inexperienced officers available- or afraid for themselves to come out because they’ve been disrespected by the communist citizens that they just want to let Everyone fend for themselves?? Poor Police /Sheriff’s- we Patriots still respect and NEED you, and the Help, Protection, and Services you can provide us 🙏🙏🙏 Please don’t give up on us! We haven’t given up on you‼️👍🏽😇
Sorry you were harassed like that😢😱

Last edited 1 month ago by Mrs
1 month ago

The cops are defunded.
Due to democrat morons in office.

1 month ago

Wow, can’t believe cops would not do anything about this!! Those drivers where clearly chasing this poor tesla drivers to hurt him or vandalize the car. Why can’t cops come and stop before worse to happen? This is why we need to record when we get pulled over by cops because it’s hard to find cops who actually know how to do their job and how to serve the people. So sad

Last edited 1 month ago by Sarah
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