Tesla is proposing a large Megapack project at Gigafactory Texas to avoid unreliable electric grids

According to new local reports, Tesla is preparing a large Megapack project at Gigafactory Texas to supplement its planned massive solar system and to try to minimize concerns associated with the state’s unreliable electric grid.

While manufacturing is still in its early stages, the factory is expanding and new features are being added. Drone flyovers in recent weeks revealed that Tesla has begun construction on a massive solar array on the factory’s rooftop; the solar panels are planned to spell out ‘Tesla’ from the sky.

We now know that Tesla is considering adding energy storage to their renewable energy solution at Gigafactory Texas. Tesla is applying for a new project at Giga Texas named “GIGA TEXAS LCRA PERMANENT SWITCHYARD & BESS”, according to a new filing with the city of Austin.

BESS stands for ‘Battery Energy Storage System.’

The proposal makes no mention of projected capacity, but it does include a relatively large building area of 53 acres, which would be sufficient for a significant number of Megapacks. The Megapack project would allow Tesla to make better use of its future rooftop solar panel system while also providing some protection against Texas’ notoriously unreliable grid—the last few winters have been tough on the Texas grid, with multiple blackouts and brownouts.

Because of these difficulties, many households have turned to Tesla Powerwalls, and it only makes sense for Tesla to do the same for Gigafactory Texas, perhaps on a greater scale.

Tesla launched a massive Megapack project for an energy utility in Texas earlier this year. This new project at Gigafactory Texas could be bigger, but we won’t know for sure until Tesla reveals all of the information.

The solar rooftop or battery project has no completion date.

As previously reported, Tesla has been granted permission to operate as an energy distributor in the state of Texas. The move is part of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s aim for Tesla Energy to become a distributed global utility, a project that could even outgrow the company’s automobile division.

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